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① Product Positioning
Provide quality, pluralistic and trend leading antique tiles for the people who seek natural, simple, laid-back, stylish living spaces base on excellent quality.With the wholesale market as the breakthrough point, we are oriented to wholesale customers and project customers, and interact with customers to create win-win situations.

② Product Types                                                                                                             Achieve rich pattern and diverse types by introducing advanced technologies, and making use of innovative processes, such as, wood grain series, sand rock series, marble series, granite series, corrosion enamel series, travertine series, polishing series, heavy metal enamel series, covering 300x300, 150x600, 300x600, 600x600, 800x800 and other specifications, for free matching, dislocation or pairing, seam drawing or seamless tiling, to create an amazing space which can be both stylish and retro, both casual and harmonious to meet the needs of different classes, different personalities.

③ Product Style                                                                                                                 Pluralistic styles; fusing the European classical, European casual, ancient Chinese, Chinese postmodern retro, and Sino-EU retro styles, in which different styles complement and shine upon each other; lead the fashion with products, and drive the contemporary antique trend.

Marketing strategySales based production, innovate production model

The company adheres to the market-oriented and sales based production mode and breaks the original mode of production in which sales were determined by production; the company implements the regional agent system, and the general distribution and sales model, having established a sound sales network covering provincial, prefecture, and even county-level markets, while sticking to the principle of continuously meeting the needs of the market, customers, and consumers. In the service principle of promptness, accuracy and attentiveness, it has set up the sales department, customer service center, design and planning center and other departments for unified information system management and resource sharing, and achieved pre-sale early warning, in-sales properness, and after-sales tracking, to implement one-on-one attentive service for customers.



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