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Production Equipment
The company uses all kinds of advanced equipment imported from foreign countries, including the large energy-saving equipment of the well-known brand of Haofeng, such as, energy-saving ball mill, large-scale energy-saving spray tower; as well as large press made by the advanced enterprise HENGLITAI, the most energy efficient wide-body kiln made by the largest domestic China-Italy joint-venture brand Mount Dena; it has also introduced foreign high-end technologies, and built the domestic energy-saving wide-body kiln at the lowest cost but with the best effect; the ink jet printer was the Shanghai Taiwei a joint-venture brand with Italy; the polishing machine is also China's largest brand - Kodak ceramic machine.

Technology R & D
The company adopts the world's cutting-edge 6D ink jet technology which allows direct layer-by-layer color infiltration into tiles, perfectly restores the natural color of natural stones, and achieves the three-dimensional realistic beauty, just like the pure air of the nature wafting over. Full polished glaze adopts the imported glaze and the international leading 7200 mirror soft cast technology, which can effectively enhance the gloss of the product while optimizing the flatness of the glaze on the product surface; the glazed surface can reach the high brightness of over 110 degrees. In terms of fully glazed durability, imported high-quality glaze is applied with the one-time high-temperature slow burning technology, to achieve higher degree of crystallization, and closer binding with tiles; the products are super wear-resistant, with really high quality. At the same time, the fully polishing glaze is made with the company’s independently developed glaze liquid. Through technology development, we have developed dozens of kinds of patterns to meet market needs. Now the technology department is developing new varieties, such as, thick glaze polished as well as microlite stone and marble series to meet the needs of consumers.

High-quality Talents

The company has a technical team composed of more than 20 top class R & D staff, in which Professor Zhang Yonghong from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute is mainly responsible for the company's production and technology research and development projects, and leads the company to make rational use of the waste glaze in the waste pool of the company, saving a large amount of cost. The Sales Department has hundreds of sales elites, who are all high-quality well-experience talents from the ceramic industry, and who have helped the company's sales increase from 100 million to 200 million, 300 million, 400 million, 500 million ……, which is still constantly refreshed.




China Building Ceramic Industry Base


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