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I. They have modern operation philosophy, identity the cultural ideas and objectives of the brand, and have a professional marketing team. 

① Professional marketing network development, management, and tracking personnel

② Full-time project information collection and tracking personnel

③ Professional store image management personnel  


II. There must be an independent warehouse specializing in running a single brand of antique tiles      

① The warehouse must be located in a large warehouse of building materials market

② The store should be in the building materials market

③ There must be a furnished product exhibition area in the store

III. There must be good advertising

① Doorhead advertising

② Warehouse external wall advertising


IV. Attention to the building and maintenance of network marketing   

① Establish the distribution network in the agency area

② Establish a sales system combing engineering and home improvement

V. Sound after-sales service         

① Free delivery and free guidance, trail of free design under suitable condition            

② Timely handling of quality complaints, and timely report market information and trends to the enterprise      

③ Establish a good protective means for the distribution network within the region  

                                                                         VI. There must be a good corporate loyalty and credibility, a good work ethic.

VII. Good political background and social networks



China Building Ceramic Industry Base


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