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Jinsanjiao Ceramic achieves growth against the trend through product innovation

Writer:熊娟萍Source:陶瓷信息 Date:2016-5-13

Recently, the reporter has learned from Jiangxi Jinsanjiao Ceramic that the company achieved another sales success in November, and the sales far exceeded output. It is understood that, in addition to the rich product mix, the company's new product development has been very advanced. It is because the company’s rapid response in the development of new products that they were able to achieve contrarian sales growth in a tough market environment.

Marketing Director of Jinsanjiao Ceramic, Zhu Zhifeng said: "In November, Jinsanjiao Ceramic launched the 600 × 900mm marble tiles and fully glazed products, which received wide acclaims from customer one week after being put into the market, and the sales exceeded the initial target. In addition, Jinsanjiao Ceramic recently has also successfully developed the diamond thick glazed product series.”

According to Zhu Zhifeng, the company’ diamond glazed products covered diamond jade, diamond platinum spar, and diamond ultra-spar series. It is reported that diamond provided a solution to the wear resistance and hardness problems of fully glazed tiles that had plagued the entire industry. From technology to appearance, they have truly realized the “perfect upgrade from the inside out" of polished glaze tiles. In the process, the amount of glaze of diamond used is 2-3 times the normal glazed tiles; after special fine polishing, it can even reach the smooth effect of an ultra-flat mirror, completely eliminating the defects of traditional glazed tiles which have "water ripple" defects. In addition, the glazed effect is more transparent, and abrasion resistance is comparable to tiles.

According to Zhu Zhifeng, Jinsanjiao is one of the earliest companies launching marble tile series, which uses ink-jet + screen + roller superimposed three processes to lend the products with delicate texture, transparent texture and three-dimensional effect. The company actively participated in the ceramic procurement festival of Broad Gao’an Production Zone, and selected nearly 300 square meters of booth. At the festival, the company will show the latest series of new diamond and marble tiles; at the same time, the ink jet antique tiles and fully glazed and other personalized color products will be unveiled at the show.

It is understood that as a late rising star of antique ceramic tiles enterprise, the company has built four production lines in just six years. Jinsanjiao is one of the enterprises with the highest output of fully glazed products in Broad Gao’an Production Zone, and the fast enterprise in terms of new product development. From the previous inkjet antique tile, to the fully glazed products, and then to the marble tiles released at the beginning of the year, and the diamond thick glazed products just launched lately, Jinsanjiao Ceramic has been at the forefront in the area in new product development.

Zhu Zhifeng expressed that to follow the trend and dare to make innovation was the principle of Jinsanjiao Ceramic. The company not only has strong product development capabilities, but also actively stabilizes the channels through branding and product innovation. At present, Jinsanjiao has built super-large stores in Yunnan, Hunan, Guizhou and other places. With the enriched product mix of the company in the future, the company will continue to increase investment in the terminal stores, and product innovation and new patterns development will be the basis for channel construction. Jinsanjiao Ceramic upholds the guiding ideology of “Seagull philosophy" to carry out product innovation and technological innovation, boosting the company to achieve steady growth in the market this year.(Correspondent in Jiangxi, Xiong Juanping)

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