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Diamond Glazed Crystal Tile

What Is Diamond Glazed Crystal Tile?

1,High wear resistance: using adamantine particles mixing technology and its glaze will form similar to C60 diamond molecular structure.enhance the hardness 38%,to achieve high wear resistance of the diamond quality, a good solution to the glazed tiles are not wear-resistant, easy to draw flowers and other defects.


2,smoothness increasing: Diamond glaze tile glaze usage is common thrown glazed brick of 2.25 to accompany, fundamentally solves the ordinary polished glaze glazed tile water ripple problem, to achieve better visual mirror effect.


3,Strong sense of permeability: The diamond in high temperature glaze firing process, brick surface can be formed without vitreous surface pores, high brightness glaze,Can be comparable with the crystallite surface.


4,Texture representation: Diamond glaze brick surface texture basic from precious natural stone samples in essence of life to carry fine anthology, by color reduction technique, reducing the world rare marble texture texture and natural color, the level is more delicate.


5,Thickness increase: Brick thickness increased to 11.5 mm, improve the hardness of the whole brick.


6,Diamond glazed crystal tile:is the two firing of the super crystal technology products, it is an upgraded version of the super smooth glaze, 0 water ripple. Compared with the traditional full glazed with soft cast (Pao Debo), super spar with hard cast, making more smooth glaze. Than flat enamel single glazing, using diamond secondary overburn crystal technology and second glazing process, the glaze layer is thicker, hair color more uniform, the surface color is more smooth, more natural transition, natural colors, more beautiful.

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